NEWYES A5 Smart Reusable Notebook

Waterproof Notebook Cloud Storage

Colour Light Blue/Dark Blue/warm Grey/Black
Material stone paper
Size 25*18 cm (B5) 21*14 cm (A5)


        NEWYES Smart Erasable Notebook, made with synthetic materials,provides an extremely smooth writing experience.
Works with colorful erasable pens,your work on the notebook can be colourfully.
        Smart Erasable Notebook is specially designed to be wet and hot erasable.
        You can simply wiping notes clean with a moist towel or blow the writing clean with a hair dryer in soft warmth.
With the help of app like CamScanner,you scan,upload,store and share your work on smart erasable book in your phone.
        With your notes stored safely in the cloud,you can clear notes with above methods.
       The latest Reusable and Scannable notebook can be reused up to 1 thousand (1000) times in good keep.
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