Cloned_Handmade Child Sneakers_19213


Unisex kids sneakers Handmade mixed colours

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Colour one colour,2 colours mixed,3 colours mixed
Band Material cotton
Model Handmade


  •                    In order to purchase these beautiful sneakers for children (boys and girls), it took more than the quality materials that led to the completion of the project, namely; "CREATIVITY".
  • -To make them much different from the competition and to be of the highest quality, we thought of making them known among customers who usually buy only things of quality, comfort, durability and not to forget the last word " fashion".
  • -We offer some models on the website
  • -We can use different colors, depending on the customer's taste
  • -We offer a voucher if it is the first time you order from our site.
  • -Transport is free
  • -Delivery lasts between 2 to 4 weeks, the process is done manually, plus transport from the destination to the customer.
  • -If you liked our product, for each product purchased later, you will receive a voucher every time you buy from our website.
  • -For failure to deliver on time, you will receive the money back, plus a gift from us, as a reward.



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